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Minimalist Home Design

In making a dream house indeed liking sometimes is not easy, it takes some of the references are pretty much so we can decide what kind of House will be us.

Moreover, to deal with the problem, we already have the solution, in the article, this time, we have some pictures of examples of the latest modern minimalist house design can be an inspiration to all of you.

This information we dedicate to You the moment it is still confused by the concept of home that some options will be realized soon. Even though sometimes we already have a definite concept, but often the style and also the theme of the home is still inappropriate, especially with so many options that could get us confused like to choose what.

To resolve the issue, you do not worry anymore because you will soon read the complete information on the reference image sample modern minimalist house design that could be inspires for you who want to make a home with a super modern concept.

Examples Of Modern Minimalist House Design

Moreover, the following are some examples of modern minimalist homes that you can select in accordance with the criteria and also your ability.

1. Modern Minimalist House made of wood

Image result for rumah minimalis kayu

For lovers of rustic and want the feel of a House which is pretty aesthetic, then you can use the home design is dominated by wood. This wood does not have to be new, as there are many alternatives that can be used.

You can still build houses using brick and cement materials, only in a certain room you can give a touch of wood which makes the atmosphere feels different.

You can see this on the concept of inspiration the ancient House that was in the past, the tempo of the Royal House as this can be seen in Solo as well as Yogyakarta, which still maintained nicely. Starting from the doorway, gate to masu ornament used highly by this concept, so there is no harm if you want a House with wood, can learn and visit the House then You apply on private homes.

The election must be adapted to the shape of the House, here you need to meet with a consultant or at least understand about architectural design the House so even though made of the wood of your home remains durable, sturdy and not easily eat termites.

2. Minimalist House moern luxury concept

Image result for rumah minimalis modern

However, for those of you who prefer it with something trendy, modern and versatile wah, fitting you have a House with a luxury concept. Where you can pay attention to the model home in an elite residential area, there's a lot you can learn how to make a fancy design but still elegant.

We recommend that you see a lot of fancy buildings then you choose some designs which are suitable for use in homes that will be built.

One thing is for sure when you want to create a luxurious minimalist concept, modern House, always pay attention to the land area and also the use of the room. The more clever You in organizing an indoor pool room, then the better design you get in your home. Moreover, that certainly is a match for the budget you have, because to make a modern luxury home is surely needed more money.

3. House modern minimalist nuanced nature
Image result for rumah minimalis nuansa alam

Moreover, on your third choice who loves the feel of nature such as in the countryside can choose a home theme concept and not too well but it feels reassuring caress. One of these is the concept of the House is in the countryside, in addition to building houses that are not so great, right and left home filled with plants.

So we suggest to those of you who want to make a minimalist house nuanced nature, make a garden around the House with a design that adjusts the size of the House, so that is not too rushed and you remain comfortable inside. Make sure your garden is also equipped with a fish pond that certainly will be more beautify your dream home exterior.

4. House modern minimalist simple concept

Image result for rumah minimalis

As for those of you who prefer the feel of simple and open, we recommend that you build a House with a simple style, as most homes currently built in the few property business Indonesia.

This simple, minimalist house model was chosen because it takes up the budget too much, let alone very appropriate with the majority of the inhabitants of Indonesia. So if you are one of those who like the simplicity of the select model home like this.

The proper placement and good Setup can make Your simple House look more lived and certainly made homeowners feel comfortable and  no need to find a place for the tiredness.
So are some picture examples of the latest modern minimalist house design that could be an inspiration for those of you who want a home with several types, styles, and concepts

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Minimalist Home Design
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